About Us

Roth and Associates is a premier civil litigation law firm that offers their clients a full range of legal services.


Roth & Associates is a woman owned, family oriented law firm. We pride ourselves on our long standing relationships with clients, because here, clients are family. We are relentless in our pursuit of our clients goals and always find forward-thinking, effective solutions. Our clients also benefit from our diverse legal team: talented legal minds with a broad range of expertise and experience ready to serve you.


Giving back to the community is a priority at Roth & Associates. We believe that mentoring the youth of our community provides a strong basis for hope of the future. Whether presenting "The Case of the Missing Cookies" for trial or walking through the halls of the State Capital, Roth & Associates mentors Houston's fourth graders to help them see a brighter future. We proudly provide pro bono work representing women who have been abused and individuals who have been displaced due to devastating circumstances. In addition, we proudly serve on the board of the Mexican American Bar Association of Houston and provide philanthropic support for Shriner’s Children’s Hospital.


At Roth & Associates we foster a professional atmosphere with a rooted philosophy based on respect. There is no "top-down" mentality when you come to work for Roth & Associates. whether a senior partner or a mail clerk, every person who comes through the door is met with the understanding that Roth & Associates works as one. Respect, love, and understanding is what makes R&A one of the most efficient law firms in the country.

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